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Java Question

Pattern regex to find tab java

I have a statement as follows:

String n =
\ul\insrsid14762702 Symptom}{\insrsid14762702\ul\insrsid14762702 Acid}{\insrsid14762702\ul\insrsid14762702 Nonacid}{\insrsid14762702\ul\insrsid14762702 All}{\insrsid14762702
Reg\tab 100%\tab 100%\tab 100%
Stg pain\tab 100%\tab 83%\tab 100%
F pain\tab 72%\tab 0%\tab 67%

I would like to see how many tabs there are but I always get zero returned for the size of the arrayList I thought I was adding to.
My code:

Pattern patternTabs = Pattern.compile("\\tab",Pattern.DOTALL);
Matcher matcherTabs = patternTabs.matcher(n);

//Add the values between each tab.
ArrayList<String> colValue = new ArrayList<String>();

int count = 0;
while (matcherTabs.find())


I have tried
all other permutations with brackets but no joy.

Answer Source

A literal backslash in a regex requires 4 backslashes in the String literal (2 for regex, doubled again for java), so your regex should be:


But your other "problem" is too much code; just use split():

String[] colValues = n.split("\\\\tab");
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