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Vaadin InlineDateFormat Resolution Steps

For Vaadin's server side InlineDateField, one can set the resolution to minutes like this:

timeField = new InlineDateField( caption );

How do you set the step, eg: I want to get minutes in 15 minute intervals as opposed to getting a full list of 60 minutes.

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You can't do that with this component.

But you can use it with Resolution.DAY(default) and generate your own Combo boxes for hour and minute pickers.

Example component:

public class MyDatePicker extends VerticalLayout {

    private InlineDateField dateField;
    private NativeSelect hourPicker;
    private NativeSelect minutePicker;

    public MyDatePicker(String caption) {

        dateField = new InlineDateField(caption);
        hourPicker = new NativeSelect();
        minutePicker = new NativeSelect();

        HorizontalLayout hourLayout = new HorizontalLayout();
        Label colonLabel = new Label("<b>:</b>");
        hourLayout.addComponents(hourPicker, colonLabel, minutePicker);

        addComponents(dateField, hourLayout);
        setComponentAlignment(hourLayout, Alignment.MIDDLE_CENTER);


    private void setValues() {
        hourPicker.setContainerDataSource(new BeanItemContainer<>(String.class, new ArrayList<>(Arrays.asList("01", "02", "...", "24"))));
        minutePicker.setContainerDataSource(new BeanItemContainer<>(String.class, new ArrayList<>(Arrays.asList("00", "15", "30", "45"))));"01");"00");

    public Date getValue() {
        Date date = dateField.getValue();

        // set hour and minutes to date

        return date;

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