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jquery in ajax.load loader showing every "mouseover"

i hope subject is clear, i try to explain better my problem.

I have a menu and i'd like to load submenu just on mouseover on parent li of menu.
It works, but every time i go on parent, i see loader.
I'd like that loader to be visible just on first mouseover.
You can see it here:

Thanks in advance.

This is the code:

function pageLoad() {

var SessionLingua = '<%= Session("Lingua") %>';

$(".LinkPadreBoxMenu").mouseover(function (event) {
event.preventDefault(); //preventing button's default behavior
var IDCategoriaGenitore = $(this).next("#LblIDCategoria").html();

$('.A_' + IDCategoriaGenitore).show();

$(".SottoCategorieAjax_" + IDCategoriaGenitore).load('/' + SessionLingua + '/ajax_categorie.aspx', { 'IDCategoriaGenitore': IDCategoriaGenitore }, function () {
$('.A_' + IDCategoriaGenitore).hide();



Use localStorage to store some value on ajax call. Now next time when you hover, check whether you have localstorage value. By this, you can condition you loading image.