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SQL Question

Issues with the Image datatype in SQL Server

Can you please take a moment to answer the below questions about SQL Server

  1. What kind of images files (ex. jpg) can the datatype
    can handle?

  2. My images in the columns are of big size and I wanted to load to other tables in SQL Server, but it is taking time to load because of the huge image file size. The datatype is
    . Do we have an alternative way to load the files more quickly?

We cannot change the datatype to
as well as the DB is designed that way

Thanks in advance.

Answer Source

What version of SQL Server are you running? The image datatype is/being deprecated so won't be there in future versions.

To answer your question though, it's a variable-length binary column, so you can store any image format you like, as long as what you are returning it to understands what it is then you should be ok:

I understand your hands may be tied, and depending on your application, I would recommend not storing images in the database. If you can try instead storing a path to an image, and have the image itself sitting on a file or web server somewhere. This will free up resources on your database server for database things.

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