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Java Question

AWT and Swing Tutorials

I am relatively new to programming in Java but have an understanding of the language to be able to develop console based programs.

I am trying to create and understand GUIs and have researched using AWT and Swing.

Having found numerous tutorials online and each one saying different things I am wandering if someone experienced in this could maybe point me in the right direction of a straight forward tutorial for getting a GUI set up and more specifically positioning of components!

I know this is quite a generalised question but I'm hoping someone who has maybe learnt this aspect of Java previously can point me to the right places to get a good understanding of it.

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Java Oracle Docs is a good way to start. Parallely Go for Java Swing GUI Tutorials by Lazic B on youtube. After you feel good in coding go for Advanced Videos in building Swing MVC Application provided by Udemy. 3 months ago i have learned from these and now feel much confident in building high level swing applications

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