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How to use classes in C++?

I can't see to find the problem in my code. Nor the solution on the internet. I can see that i can create the code in a different way but i need to know how to work with it written like this:

class Triunghi{
int l1=0;//latura1
int l2=0;//latura2
int ba=0;//baza
int p=0;//perimetru
Triunghi(int a):l1(a){}
Triunghi(int a,int b):l1(a),l2(b){}
Triunghi(int a,int b,int c):l1(a),l2(b),ba(c){}
Triunghi(int a,int b,int c,char *msg):l1(a),l2(b),ba(c){
Triunghi(Triunghi &A){
int Perimetru()
return (p);

It works fine there are no errors but i cant seem to give value to l1, l2 and ba, to use them in function 'Perimetru'.
This is how my main looks.

int main()
Triunghi tri;
return 0;

How to make it work?

Answer Source
Triunghi tri;

This doesn't do what you think it does. tri is created with default constructor, so all of your members are set with their in-class default values, meaning 0. Then, you create temporary object Triunghi, and you don't even use it. What you might wanted to do instead is:

Triunghi tri(1,2,3);

Then Perimetru() returns 6 as expected.

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