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Java Question

What's the purpose of partitioningBy

For example, if I would partition a some elements I could do something like:

Stream.of("I", "Love", "StackOverflow")
.collect(Collectors.partitioningBy(s -> s.length() > 3))
.forEach((k, v) -> System.out.println(k+" => "+v));

which outputs:

false => [I]
true => [Love, StackOverflow]

But for me
is only a subcase of
. Although the former accepts a
as parameter while the latter a
, I just see a partition as a normal grouping function.

So the same code does exactly the same thing:

Stream.of("I", "Love", "StackOverflow")
.collect(Collectors.groupingBy(s -> s.length() > 3))
.forEach((k, v) -> System.out.println(k+" => "+v));

which also results in a
Map<Boolean, List<String>>

So is there any reason I should use
instead of
? Thanks

Answer Source

partitioningBy is slightly more efficient, using a special Map implementation optimized for when the key is just a boolean.

(It might also help to clarify what you mean; partitioningBy helps to effectively get across that there's a boolean condition being used to partition the data.)

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