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Python datetime switching between US and UK date formats

I'm using matplotlib to plot some data imported from CSV files. These files have the following format:


The dates are formatted as they would be in the UK, i.e.
. The end result is to have two plots: one of how
changes with time, and one of how
changes with time. I'm importing the data from the CSV like so:

import matplotlib
from matplotlib.mlab import csv2rec
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
from datetime import datetime
import sys

def analyze_log(file, y):
data = csv2rec(open(file, 'rb'))

fig = plt.figure()

date_vec = [datetime.strptime(str(x), '%Y-%m-%d').date() for x in data['date']]
print date_vec[0]
print date_vec[len(date_vec)-1]

time_vec = [datetime.strptime(str(x), '%Y-%m-%d %X').time() for x in data['time']]
print time_vec[0]
print time_vec[len(time_vec)-1]

datetime_vec = [datetime.combine(d, t) for d, t in zip(date_vec, time_vec)]
print datetime_vec[0]
print datetime_vec[len(datetime_vec)-1]

y_vec = data[y]
plt.plot(datetime_vec, y_vec)

# formatters, axis headers, etc.
return plt

And all was working fine before 01 August. However, since then, matplotlib is trying to plot my 01/08/2016 data points as 2016-01-08 (08 Jan)!

I get a plotting error because it tries to plot from January to July:

RuntimeError: RRuleLocator estimated to generate 4879 ticks from 2016-01-08 09:11:00+00:00 to 2016-07-29 16:22:34+00:00:

exceeds Locator.MAXTICKS * 2 (2000)

What am I doing wrong here? The results of the print statements in the code above are:

2016-01-08 #!!!!
2016-07-25 13:04:31
2016-01-08 19:06:43 #!!!!


Matplotlib's csv2rec function parses your dates already and tries to be intelligent when it comes to parsing dates. The function has two options to influence the parsing, dayfirst should help here:

dayfirst: default is False so that MM-DD-YY has precedence over DD-MM-YY.

yearfirst: default is False so that MM-DD-YY has precedence over YY-MM-DD.

See for further information.