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Javascript Question

Trying to find if array is full or not

I'm working with JQuery to determine if an array, built earlier, with a determined number of indexes, is full or not.
When created, array looks like this :


All I want to do is find if every position is filled or not.

So bascially, i'm trying to test if and only if


For example, if

[x,x,x,,x,x] or if [x,,,,,] //return false, wrong...

Thanks a lot.

Answer Source

You don't need any specific jQuery stuff to read the size of an array. Just vanilla javascript has what you need.

var arrayMaxValues = 4;
var testArray = [1,2,3,4];

if ( testArray.length == arrayMaxValues )
  alert( 'Array is full!' );
else if ( testArray.length > arrayMaxValues )
  alert( 'Array is overstuffed!' );
} else {
  alert( 'There's plenty of room!' );


Ah, you re-typed your question. So, you want to see if they array has zero null or undefined values?

function isArrayFull( arr )
  for ( var i = 0, l = arr.length; i < l; i++ )
    if ( 'undefined' == typeof arr[i] || null === arr[i] )
      return false
  return true;
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