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Export a PSQL table in PHP

I have a languages tables in psql that look like this.

enter image description here

My goal is to export my
table and import that back in using PHP.

I've tried



shell_exec('psql -E -U postgres -d portal -c "COPY languages TO \'/Applications/MAMP/htdocs/code/benu/ssc-portal/public/csv/languages.csv\' DELIMITER \',\' "');

I got my
to export successfully.

If I open it up, it contain this.

1,h,Advanced Settings,Geavanceerde instellingen,Ajustes avanzados,Réglages avancés,2016-11-23 14:41:25,2016-11-23 14:41:25

My goal is get my
to exactly in this format

1,'h','Advanced Settings','Geavanceerde instellingen','Ajustes avanzados','Réglages avancés','2016-11-23 14:41:25','2016-11-23 14:41:25'

Because it is the only format that will accept by


How do I adjust my psql command to get that ?


Updating it using PHP is my only option ?

I'm opening to any suggestions at this moment.

Any hints / suggestions / helps on this be will be much appreciated !

Answer Source

Looks like the FORCE_QUOTE option on COPY can take a list of columns to wrap. See here: SQL COPY

FORCE_QUOTE { ( column_name [, ...] ) | * }

This means you can specify or it does all by default, you probably want the specify given your id column is not quote wrapped in your example.