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Python Question

How do I create a function to find average above median?

I want to find the average of all scores above and below the median (not including the median), but I have no idea have to go about doing this.

import collections

def main():
names = ["gymnastics_school", "participant_name", "all_around_points_earned"]
Data = collections.namedtuple("Data", names)
data = []
values =[]

with open('state_meet.txt','r') as f:
for line in f:
line = line.strip()
items = line.split(',')
items[2] = float(items[2])
print("summary of data:")

sorted_data = sorted (values)
if len(data)%2==0:
a =sorted_data[len(values)//2]

b = sorted_data[len(values)//2-1]
median_val = (a+b)//2
median_val = sorted_data[(len(values)-1)//2]

print(" median score",median_val) #median

Answer Source

We now have statistics as part of the standard library:

import statistics

nums = list(range(10))
med = statistics.median(nums)

hi_avg = statistics.mean(i for i in nums if i > med)
lo_avg = statistics.mean(i for i in nums if i < med)