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Javascript Question

seek() equivalent in javascript/node.js?

I m currently trying to read some files with fs module for node.js.
Since it lack a tot of the function I m used to (fseek(), getline()...), I m creating another module to get them back. (a node.js copy of C stdio.h).

My simple question is:

Does seek() exist in some other name or do I need to remplement almost every function to have it?

Answer Source

This package is worth looking at: https://npmjs.org/package/fs-ext

Besides the package, Closest I could find would be : http://nodejs.org/api/fs.html#fs_fs_createreadstream_path_options or using these parameters on fs.read

length is an integer specifying the number of bytes to read.

position is an integer specifying where to begin reading from in the file. If position is null, data will be read from the current file position.
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