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How to create video thumbnail from video file path in Android

I want to create thumbnail of video from sdcard path how can i generate thumbnail from video file path?

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You can use ThumbnailUtils class to get Video thumbnail of Video file.

createVideoThumbnail() is method which return Bitmap (thumbnail) of video from video file path.

From Android Docs:

public static Bitmap createVideoThumbnail (String filePath, int kind)

Create a video thumbnail for a video. May return null if the video is corrupt or the format is not supported.

You can create VideoThumbnail from sdcard path like this.

Bitmap thumb = ThumbnailUtils.createVideoThumbnail(filePath, Thumbnails.MINI_KIND);

Using ThumbnailUtils, you can create thumbnail of two types.

  1. MediaStore.Images.Thumbnails.MICRO_KIND type will generate thumbnail of size 96 x 96.

  2. MediaStore.Images.Thumbnails.MINI_KIND type will generate thumbnail of size 512 x 384.

I hope it helps!

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