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Android Question

How to group set of users in leanplum A/B testing integrated to android app?

I have integrated the leanplum A/b testing with my Android app and it is working fine. But the problem is, each time when I need to change the users to a different variant (for testing), I need to select each user individually and and change the user in the leanplum portal.

Is there any way to group the users and assign the variants to a whole group of users instead of assigning it individually?

And only 100 users are showing in the portal at any time. How can I increase the number of users?

Thanks in andvance

Answer Source

So I had the same doubt,For which i contacted the Leanplum support. And they sent me a mail stating that in the Leanplum only individual user can be changed variant. Group variant changing cannot be done.

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