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Perl: Dirhandle,

I was reading how-do-i-read-in-the-contents-of-a-directory and wanted to find out more about doing it without opening and closing directories as shown in @davidprecious' answer. Tried to read up on DirHandle (hoped for more explanation and example) and several other places simply redirected me to the same perldoc page. Still unsure about where to stipulate the path to read.

Say if I wanted the contents of "E:\parent\sub1\sub2\" and put that into a string variable like $p, where do I mention $p when using Dirhandle?

Would appreciate some guidance. Thanks.


It's probably worth pointing out that Windows is quite happy to use forward slashes (/) as directory separators - which avoids having to have all those ugly double backslashes.

my $dir_handle = DirHandle->new('E:/parent/sub1/sub2/');
while ( my $entry = $dir_handle->read ) {
  say $entry;