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Different layout for first row of ListView in ArrayAdapter

I have a listView that is being populated by ArrayAdapter. I want a different layout for first Row/Cell of the ListView.

Also I found a very similar question but cldnt add headerView in my code Android different Row layout only for first row in BaseAdapter

I have implemented that using the code below:

public class ActorAdapter extends ArrayAdapter<Actors> {
ArrayList<Actors> actorList;
LayoutInflater vi;
int Resource1;
int Resource2;
ViewHolder holder;

public ActorAdapter(Context context, int resource, ArrayList<Actors> objects) {
super(context, resource, objects);
vi = (LayoutInflater) context
Resource1 = resource;
Resource2 = resource;
actorList = objects;

public View getView(int position, View convertView, ViewGroup parent) {

View v = convertView;

if (v == null) {
holder = new ViewHolder();
if (position == 0){
v = vi.inflate(R.layout.first_item, null);
holder.imageview = (ImageView) v.findViewById(R.id.thumb);
holder.tvName = (TextView) v.findViewById(R.id.title);

v = vi.inflate(R.layout.list_item, null);
holder.imageview = (ImageView) v.findViewById(R.id.thumb);
holder.tvName = (TextView) v.findViewById(R.id.title);


} else {
holder = (ViewHolder) v.getTag();
String postTitle = actorList.get(position).getName();
Spanned deTitle = Html.fromHtml(Html.fromHtml((String) postTitle).toString());

return v;


The problem is, My list initially fetches 10 items. After that I load More articles as the user scrolls down. Now the 11th item of the list also gets layout of 1st item.

Also, when i scroll back to the top, the layout of first item is changed to that of other list items.

Please help with this.

Answer Source

Override getViewTypeCount() in your adapter to return 2. Override getItemViewType() to return 0 for position 0 and return 1 for all other positions. This teaches the ListView that you have two different row layouts, where the first row (position 0) has a different layout than do the other rows. This will ensure that row recycling gives you back the correct row layout for your position.

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