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JSON Question

Parse JSON file using GSON

I want to parse this JSON file in JAVA using GSON :

"descriptor" : {
"app1" : {
"name" : "mehdi",
"age" : 21,
"messages": ["msg 1","msg 2","msg 3"]
"app2" : {
"name" : "mkyong",
"age" : 29,
"messages": ["msg 11","msg 22","msg 33"]
"app3" : {
"name" : "amine",
"age" : 23,
"messages": ["msg 111","msg 222","msg 333"]

but I don't know how to acceed to the root element which is : descriptor, after that the app3 element and finally the name element.

I followed this tutorial, but it doesn't show the case of having a root and childs elements.

Answer Source

Imo, the best way to parse your JSON response with GSON would be creating classes that "match" your response and then use Gson.fromJson() method.
For example:

class Response {
    Map<String, App> descriptor;
    // standard getters & setters...

class App {
  String name;
  int age;
  String[] messages;
  // standard getters & setters...

Then just use:

Gson gson = new Gson();
Response response = gson.fromJson(yourJson, Response.class);

Where yourJson can be a String, any Reader, a JsonReader or a JsonElement.

Finally, if you want to access any particular field, you just have to do:

String name = response.getDescriptor().get("app3").getName();

You can always parse the JSON manually as suggested in other answers, but personally I think this approach is clearer, more maintainable in long term and it fits better with the whole idea of JSON.

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