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C# Question

How to set width for MasterDetailPage in xamarin forms

I am using the MasterDetailPage for app on Xamarin forms for ios and android.

however the width in MasterDetailPage menu is too large and i would like to adjust it.

How i can Set custom width for MasterDetailPage on android and iOS?

My MasterDetailPage init code:

MyChatsMasterView _myChatsMasterView;
MyChatsView _myChatsView;

public MyChatsMasterDetailView(MyChatsMasterView myChatsMasterView, MyChatsView myChatsView)
NavigationPage.SetHasNavigationBar(this, false);

this.MasterBehavior = MasterBehavior.Popover;

_myChatsMasterView = myChatsMasterView;
_myChatsView = myChatsView;

Master = _myChatsMasterView;
Detail = _myChatsView;


Answer Source

we cant currently adjust the width of the MasterDetailPage details

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