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Python challenge 25: Writing files

Python Challenge 25

Write a sign-up program for an after-school club; it should ask the user for the following details and store them in a file:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Gender

  • Form

For the above task I wrote the following python code:

# Python Challenge 25

print ("Hello user, this is a virtual application form"
"\nfor joining after-school clubs at -Insert school name here-")

first_name = input("\n\nPlease input your first name:")
last_name = input("Please input your last name:")
gender = input("Please input your gender:")
form = input("Please input your form name:")
club = input("What after-school club would you like to attend?\n")

file = open("application-form.txt", "w")
file.write (last_name)
file.write (gender)
file.write (form)
file.write (club)

print (first_name, "Thank you for taking your time to fill this virtual form"
"\nall the information has been stored in a file to maintain confidentiality")

An example of the outcome of the above code:

enter image description here

My question

  1. When the text file is saved all the user inputs is stored in one line, is there a way where I can put each input on a separate line?

  2. Is there a more efficient way to write the above code?

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Answer Source

Contrary to print, write doesn't automatically append end of lines. You can add file.write("\n") between your writes to intercalate ends of line.

Alternatively, you can create a single string interspersing the end of lines, using join, and write that single string.


file.write("\n".join([line1, line2, line3]))
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