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Print error in file php on PC

I'm new in PHP. I run file.php on my PC with Firefox but I don't know how see error. What I can add to see it, is possible if I have this file on pc and not on server?

Maybe this:

ini_set('display_errors', 1);

or it works only on Apache?

I tried nothing because I don't know how solve it.

This my file.php

$apikey = "xxx7d7391d1e68e9680e6";
voxmail_user_subscribe(array('mail' => '','privacy' => 1));

This file used api newsletter service (the code - for assistance of service - is ok) and
register the email address at newsletter.
is file in same folder of file.php for use API of this service.

In this wrapper.php is there include other file
(also in same folder)

Now when I run file.php in my browser the only thing that I see is this:

**'','privacy' => 1));?>**

but the assistant servec tried my code and works... he ask me to show error log, but I don't know where is this log.

Answer Source

Those directives can be set in lots of different places, as explained at Runtime Configuration. You need to be aware of the different syntaxes:

  • If you set them from PHP code, you have to compose valid PHP code, e.g.:

    ini_set('display_errors', true);
  • If you set it in PHP configuration files (php.ini or .user.ini) you have to use valid *.ini syntax:

    error_reporting = E_ALL
    display_errors = On
  • If you set it in Apache configuration files (httpd.conf or .htaccess) you have to use valid apache syntax:

    php_value error_reporting E_ALL
    php_flag display_errors On

It's worth noting that errors that prevent PHP code from running (such as parse errors) cannot be set from within PHP code.

My advice is to configure your local system-wide file for development (display all errors, log none) and configure your project for dual configuration (display in development, log in production).

Answer to updated question:

  1. can't see any obvious reason why your code should trigger errors and notices. Are you sure it does? Have you tried with something that should trigger one such as 1/0;?

  2. If you can see PHP code in the browser, your code is not running at all.

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