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linux shell title case

I am wrinting a shell script and have a variable like this:


I need to use it in various points in the script as:


I have managed to change it to
by stripping out
sed "s/-//g"

I am sure there is a simpler way, and also, need to know how to get the camel cased version.

Edit: Working function derived from @MichaƂ's answer

function hyphenToCamel {
tr '-' '\n' | awk '{printf "%s%s", toupper(substr($0,1,1)), substr($0,2)}'

CAMEL=$(echo something-that-is-hyphenated | hyphenToCamel)
echo $CAMEL

Edit: Finally, a sed one liner thanks to @glenn

echo a-hyphenated-string | sed -E "s/(^|-)([a-z])/\u\2/g"

Answer Source

a GNU sed one-liner

echo something-that-is-hyphenated | 
sed -e 's/-\([a-z]\)/\u\1/g' -e 's/^[a-z]/\u&/'

\u in the replacement string is documented in the sed manual.

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