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Javascript Question

how create if for option in select?

How can I create if for option in select? The code works, it is necessary to code only worked for option = 5

<select id="select<?php echo $product['id_product'];?>" name="status_id" class="form-control" onchange="changeFunction(<?php echo $product['id_product'];?>)">
<?php foreach ($statuses as $status) { ?>
<option id="option<?php echo $product['id_product'];?>" value="<?php echo $status['id_product_status'];?>"
<?php if ($status['id_product_status'] == $product['id_product_status']) { ?> selected="selected"<?php } ?>>
<?php echo $status['name_product_status']; ?>
<?php } ?>
<textarea id="onchange<?php echo $product['id_product'];?>" style="visibility: hidden" "></textarea>

function changeFunction(item) {
if ($("#option" + item).val == 5) {
var selectOption = document.querySelector("#onchange" + item);
selectOption.setAttribute('style', 'visibility: visible');

Answer Source

Do like this, though you don't need to pass "item" as parameter to achieve this. When you select an option, a change event is triggered on select. So you can bind a change event for this particular requirement. Upto you.

function changeFunction(item){

     if($("#select"+item).val() == 5) {

         var selectOption = $("select option:selected");
         selectOption.setAttribute('style', 'visibility: visible');
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