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Session 'app': error when trying to run app

I haven't been working in Android Studio last 2 weeks, now i come back to change something in my app, and i can't debug apps anymore on my smartphone.

I get this Event Log:

21:55:16 Gradle build finished in 4 sec
21:55:16 Session 'app': running
21:55:20 Session 'app': error

And my app doesn't start at all. This happens with all projects and they used to run on same device before perfectly. Apps are still working on Genymotion, but not on my smartphone.

I tried restarting everyting (AS, pc, phone) but nothing helped. There was exact same problem posted, but they got nothing. When trying to google i find only 3 relevant results, so probably very rare problem.

Logs aren't showing any unusual errors.

Answer Source

Finally solved it.

I was experimenting something with my default install location before. At some point i set instal-location to 2, which means external storage (SD card). This totally screws AS, so i had to revert it:

Run cmd from your sdk folder:

 adb devices
 adb shell pm set-install-location 1

Edit: As you can see from other answers you can get same error for other issues. You might want to look other answers and find what could be your problem.

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