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Javascript Question

Chrome Autofill/Autocomplete no value for password

When you have saved username and password for some site Chrome will autofill that username and password, but if you try to get the value for the password input field it is empty String even though there is value there ******.

If you click somewhere on the page no mater where the value of the

input type="password"
will be filled.

This is Fiddle user/pass of the structure of the html and the
command. It cannot be seen here but it can be reproduced on every page that has login form and the username and password are autofilled on the load of the page. If you inspect the value of the field before clicking anywhere else on the site it will be empty String.

This is not the case in Firefox or Internet Explorer it will fill the value of the
element with the password.

I am using Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit OS and Google Chrome version is 48.0.2564.97 m

Is this normal behavior, bug or?


If you click on F5 to reload the page and inspect the password field the value for password will be there. If you click the reload button in Chrome in top left corner the value for the password field will be empty string.

Answer Source

This seems to be a bug in Chrome. When Chrome auto-fills a password on an initial page load (but not a refresh), the value appears in the form field on-screen, but querying passwordField.value in Javascript returns an empty string. If you depend on seeing that value in Javascript, this prevents you from doing so. Once the user does any other action on the page, such as clicking anywhere on the page, the value suddenly becomes visible to Javascript.

I'm not actually 100% sure if this is a bug, or if there is a security reason for doing this such as preventing a hidden frame from stealing your password by tricking the browser into filling it in.

A workaround that we have used is to detect the background color change that Chrome makes to fields that it has auto-filled. Chrome colors the background of auto-filled fields yellow, and this change is always visible to Javascript even when the value is not. Detecting this in Javascript lets us know that the field was auto-filled with a value, even though we see the value as blank in Javascript. In our case, we have a login form where the submit button is not enabled until you fill in something in the password field, and detecting either a value or the auto-fill background-color is good enough to determine that something is in the field. We can then enable the submit button, and clicking the button (or pressing enter) instantly makes the password field value visible to Javascript because interacting with the page fixes the problem, so we can proceed normally from there.

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