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Linux Question

azure command line tool for linux machine to upload/download data to/from Azure Storage

I am looking for azure command line tool in linux. I found azure-cli, but its not supporting upload and download feature in azure storage (As per my knowledge).

I found some CLI tools but those are running only on windows. those are

  • AzCopy

  • cloudcopy

So can anybody suggest one best azure CLI tool, which can run on linux machine and able to perform upload and download operations??

It would be great if that supports partial read and partial write.

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There's support for upload and download :

azure storage blob upload [options] [file] [container] [blob]
azure storage blob download [options] [container] [blob] [destination]

If not seeing them try to update your cli tools first:

npm install azure-cli -g

(Node.js must be installed in your system)

Hope this helps

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