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React JSX Question

react-sortable-hoc: Handling of click event on list item

This question is about https://github.com/clauderic/react-sortable-hoc.
I am pretty new to React, so I find the following a bit irritating. Go to
https://jsfiddle.net/7tb7jkz5/. Notice line 4

const SortableItem = SortableElement(({value}) => <li className="SortableItem" onClick={console.debug(value)}>{value}</li>);

When you run the code, the console will log "Item 0" to "Item 99". A click on an item will log the same, but three times. Why does this happen? And is this really necessary or more like a bug?

I expected a behavior similar to an ordinary DOM, so the click event would bubble up from the clicked item and could be caught along the way through its ancestors. The observed behavior looks to me like the click event would be sent down by the list to each list item three times.

Answer Source

You need to mention the onClick action as a function. Use () => inside the handler call. Try the below method, it works although has a very slow response

const SortableItem = SortableElement(({value}) => <li className="SortableItem" onClick={() => console.debug(value)}>{value}</li>);
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