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Ruby Question

Character classes used in ffi-aspell

I am trying to use the ffi-aspell gem to spell check a text. In order to do that, it seems that I have to extract the words by myself. I am trying to do that by applying

to the text with a regex, but it does not seem straightforward.

What is the easiest way to define the class of characters that may appear in an ffi-aspell dictionary of some language? I want to make it available not only for English, so things like
for the character (or
the word) does not work.
seems to capture characters that are not in the dictionary, such as numerals, and further does not match the apostrophe (single quote), which is frequently used in a word. Is there some documentation that defines the character set used in an ffi-aspell dictionary?

Answer Source

I guess it would be easier to scan ffi_aspell dictionary first for entries and just kinda Regexp#union uniques afterwards.

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