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ASP.NET (C#) Question

Null value for anonymous types

I have a routine in C# where I pull a list of objects as such:

var data = sdfController.GetFundingSummary(CurrentUser.UserId, _companyId, "category");

Once I have that data, I need to derive a list of names from it, which I'm doing thusly:

var fundingNames =
(from names in data.AsEnumerable()
where names.FundingYear.Equals(_year.ToString())
select new { FundingName = names.FundingName }).Distinct().ToList();

and then I'm binding that list to a listview:

lvSDF.DataSource = fundingNames;

It all works great if there's data, blows up if there isn't any. I have emptyDataTemplates in place on the .aspx side to display a message if there aren't any records but I can't figure out how to initialize fundingNames to null.

Answer Source

The problem is that data can be null.

You need to check if this is the case before creating the LINQ query:

var fundingNames = data = null ? ...your query... : new List<string>();

Im guessing FundingName is a string here. Change accordingly if not. Also if that's the case, why are you creating an anonymous type with new { ... }? Return the string directly:

from ...
select names.FundingNames;

As PaulF correctly points out you need to do this or you'll probably get a conversion error between List<string> and List<AnonymousTypeContainingOnlyOneString>.

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