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Swift Question

How do I make my node rotate at a slower duration?

I have this node and when I press and hold a button I want the node to rotate slower. I changed the

parameter from 1 to 50 and it still rotates the node the same speed. What am I doing wrong?

let rotateRate = (SKAction.rotateByAngle(CGFloat(-M_PI_2), duration: 50.0))
let repeatRotate = SKAction.repeatActionForever(rotateRate)


Once you create an action, you can't modify its duration parameter... So you can't affect on speed of an action in the way you are expecting. But you have a few options:

  • to re-create the action (you probably want to run an action with key for this)

  • to change the speed of that action:

`if let action = node.actionForKey("aKey"){

   action.speed = 1.5


Probably some more, but this will give an idea what is going on.