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Will a strong reference to a subview in a dictionary cause a reference cycle?

I have a view with variable subviews, the subviews are set up using a enum describing the type of this subview. My question is if the following would cause a strong reference cycle or if there is a better way to do this:

class ControlBar: UIView {

var item = [ControlBarItemType : ControlBarItem]()

func set(with types: [ControlBarItemType]) {

for type in types {
let newItem = ControlBarItem(frame: CGRect(), type: type)
//constraints and stuff
item[type] = newItem


I can't declare the dictionary as weak. So the superview will have a reference to each ControlBarItem in the subview hierarchy and also with this dictionary, indexed by type. My reason for this is occasionally I need to change the state of the BarItem from the viewController that acts as the delegate for ControlBar.

Answer Source

You are NOT creating a strong reference cycle.

Infact you have 2 strong reference from the ControlBar to each subview. This is not a problem.

Instead, if you had a strong reference from ControlBar to the subviews AND a strong reference from the subviews to the ControlBar, you would have a strong reference cycle.

enter image description here

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