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Javascript Question

remove specific line from json with jquery

I have this array:

var array = [{"a":"1","b":"2"},{"a":"3","b":"1"},{"a":"5","b":"4"}]

now i want to remove the line, lets say, where a=5. So afterwards the array looks like this:

var array = [{"a":"1","b":"2"},{"a":"3","b":"1"}]

How do i do this the easiest and fastest way?

Answer Source

You can use which allows you to return null for an element to be deleted.


var array = [{"a":"1","b":"2"},{"a":"3","b":"1"},{"a":"5","b":"4"}]
var newArray = $.map(array, function(e){
   return (e.a == "5") ? null : e;
// newArray contains [{"a":"1","b":"2"},{"a":"3","b":"1"}]

Live example (watch the console):

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