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Get notified about network interface change on Linux

I need a way to notify my user space app when a network interface is enabled or disabled. I'm hoping to do this without resorting to polling. Does the kernel offer some sort of hook for triggering callback functions when network-related events occur?

Answer Source

I believe the netlink (man 7 netlink) facility provides information about network interfaces via the NETLINK_ROUTE family (man 7 rtnetlink). You may be able to select() or poll() on a netlink socket to get the information you want. I'm not certain of this, though; I haven't used it myself.

At a higher level, if the system is running NetworkManager, that'll broadcast events via D-Bus when the system's network status changes. The Epiphany browser uses these events, for example, to automatically activate "Work Offline" mode when the system loses its network connection, and switch back to online mode when network connectivity resumes. There are D-Bus client libraries for a variety of languages, and it's less platform-specific than netlink, so this is what I'd recommend using.

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