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Node.js Question

install nodes npm v1.0.1

I need a separate npm version besides my installed v1.4.21

How do I install it on my Ubuntu 14.10, to install this package, that requires npm v1.0.1?

I tried this instructions but it already fails with

. ~/nvm/
because it installs in the current folder in

When I try

./node_modules/nvm/bin/nvm install 1.0.1

I get

~/.nvm/node-v1.0.1 doesn't exist, (need to downloaded first?) 1.0.1

How do I get npm v1.0.1 running?

Answer Source

The problem was: I didnt need the old nvm version, I just had to start it from within the folder:

cd ./node_modules/webrtc-scalable-broadcast/
node ./server.js


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