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AngularJS Question

Loading image issue in Edge

I have a site that displays a image of the current user. The site uses Angularjs frontend and c# backend.
This works fine using IE11, firefox and Opera, but in edge it cant seem to find the image.
My html:

<img ng-src="{{getImgUrl('@User.Identity.Name')}}" class="headshot" />

Method in controller:

$scope.getImgUrl = function (username) {
var outputURL = "" + username + "_LThumb.jpg";
return outputURL;


.headshot {
padding-top: 10px;
padding-bottom: 10px;

Answer Source

I think I figured this out. The app is an intranet app, and the problem was mixing the intra/inter -net. It resolved itself when I launched the app. For more info se: SEC7117 Error when trying to load a javascript file in MS Edge

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