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jQuery Question

How to change background color of jQuery UI Dialog?

I am having tough time figure out how to change background color of

jQuery UI Dialog

I've seen many reference how to change/remove title bar but not entire background including those curvy corner.

Here is my try:

The problem is .ui-widget-content only applies to square area within the dialog but not including curvy corner.

I found a class .ui-corner-all class hoping it will color the entire background but only half of the dialog is colored. (you can see this in the jsfiddle)

Has anyone done this before?

Answer Source

you can use this way

You should set to all class background with use !important.

.ui-dialog,.ui-widget, .ui-widget-content, .ui-corner-all, .foo, .ui-draggable, .ui-resizable {background:yellow !important}‚Äč

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