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Python Question

Huge memory consumption while trying to run this code

While trying to run this code:

l = 1000000
w = [1, 1]
for i in range(2, l):
w.append(w[-1] + w[-2])

computer hangs on and Blue screen of death appears. The only info which I get is about MEMORY MANAGEMENT. Problem occurs in version 2.7 of Python and 3.4 as well.

Code works good for
l = 100000

Can someone explain me exactly why? I am using Windows 10 64-bit, Python 2.7.8 64-bit from Active Python.


Here is R code which works well:

len <- 1000000
fibvals <- numeric(len)
fibvals[1] <- 1
fibvals[2] <- 1
for (i in 3:len) {
fibvals[i] <- fibvals[i-1]+fibvals[i-2]

Answer Source

The numbers you're producing are huger than you might realize. For example, here's the size in memory of the last one:

>>> a, b = 1, 1
>>> for i in xrange(2, 1000000):
...     a, b = b, a+b
>>> sys.getsizeof(b)

That's 92 kilobytes for one integer. All of them put together would be somewhere in the vicinity of 46-ish gigabytes, and you only have 16 gigabytes.

Your R code used 64-bit floating-point numbers, which promptly overflow to infinity at around the 1476th number.

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