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Linux Question

Where are entry_64.S and related .S files in Linux 4.4?

Linux source for kernel version 4.4 lists "entry_64.S" file in /arch/x86/entry/ directory but I am unable to locate this file in my PC at following location:


I tried using find command but it gave me no results. Can anyone tell me where can I find this file as well as entry_32.S file?

Answer Source

These markings indicate a Ubuntu system, and the typical way of looking up a file in all of Ubuntu is entering your query at

In your case, that leads to e.g. which says the file isn't part of any packages.

If this was a bug, you'd go to and file a bug report about it. However, it bears considering that the package is called headers, which is not typically correlated with assembly files.

What you probably want to do is run:

apt-get source linux-headers-4.4.0-45-generic

This will provide you with the full Linux source of that kernel, which will likely include that assembly file, too.

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