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Javascript Question

How do I get a list of users from the Json API?

I want to download the AJAX user list available at, And I would like to display

1.The number of all users,
2.The Number of active users,
3.The Number of active women,
4.The Number of active men,

from JSON API, using jquery/javascript etc,

How can I achieve this? or can some one provide me a simple tutorial to start with?

Here is what I have done so far :



function ViewData()

var items = [];

function(key, value)
items.push("<li>" +
value.username + "<br />" + + "<br />" +

+ "</li>");
$('<ul/>', {html: items.join(")}).

Any help or any idea will be appreciated, Thanks.

Answer Source

Can you post what the original json looks like.

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