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How chsh is implemented in linux?


program is used to change a user's login shell by modifying
file. Anyone can issue this command, but ordinary users must not be able to change each other's default shell.

How does a program such as
allow a user to change their own shell but not that of a different user? Are there specific system or library calls that need to be used?

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It is actually easy. chsh is a set-uid program:

$ ls -l /usr/bin/chsh
-rwsr-xr-x 1 root root ... /usr/bin/chsh
   +--- see the 's'!

So the program is run with the effective UID of root.

Now, how does it know which user is calling it? Because set set-uid changes the effective UID, but not the real UID. By comparing the real UID with the passwd line you want to change, it can check whether you are allowed to do that.

Remember that a normal user can only change its own line, while the real root is allowed to change anyone's.

For more details, see the man pages for getuid, geteuid and the other functions linked there.

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