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RealmSwift: Detach an object from Realm, including its properties of List type

I want to create a duplicate of a persisted object such that the new instance has all the same values but is not attached to Realm. Using

Object(value: persistedInstance)
works great for classes whose properties are all strings, dates, numbers, etc. However, when duplicating an instance of a class with List type properties, the duplicate's List and the List's elements continue to reference the persisted records. How can I create a duplicate that's fully detached from Realm, including any Lists and elements in those Lists?

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This is not yet supported natively by Realm, but a requested feature tracked by issue #3381.

For now, you would need to implement your own deep copy constructor. A common strategy is to do that on every model and call the deep copy constructors of related objects. You need to pay attention though that you don't run into cycles.