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TypeScript Question

How to suppress TypeScript "error TS2533: Object is possibly 'null' or 'undefined'"?

I have a Type:

type tSelectProtected = {
handleSelector?: string,
data?: tSelectDataItem[],

wrapperEle?: HTMLElement,
inputEle?: HTMLElement,
listEle?: HTMLElement,
resultEle?: HTMLElement,

maxVisibleListItems?: number

I declare a global - module wise - variable:

var $protected : tSelectProtected = {};

I'm assigning proper value in function1 scope:

$protected.listEle = document.createElement('DIV');

I'm calling, later, in function2 scope:


I'm getting TypeScript error:

error TS2533: Object is possibly 'null' or 'undefined'

I know that I can do explicit check using
if ($protected.listEle) {$protected.listEle}
to calm down compiler but this seems to be very unhandy for most non trivial cases.

How this situation can or should be handled without disabling TS compiler checks?

Answer Source

This feature is called "strict null checks", to turn it off ensure that the --strictNullChecks compiler flag is not set.

However, the existence of null has been described as The Billion Dollar Mistake, so it is exciting to see languages such as TypeScript introducing a fix. I'd strongly recommend keeping it turned on.

One way to fix this is to ensure that the values are never null or undefined, for example by initialising them up front:

interface SelectProtected {
    readonly wrapperElement: HTMLDivElement;
    readonly inputElement: HTMLInputElement;

const selectProtected: SelectProtected = {
    wrapperElement: document.createElement("div"),
    inputElement: document.createElement("input")
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