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Node.js Question

Query where all array items are greater than a specified condition

I have a model which contains an array with dates. I'm using a

operator as a condition to query the collection where all the elements in the array of dates are
a given date.

For example I have this document:

{ dates: [

When I run this query
{dates: {$gte: new Date()}}
, it gives me the whole document as a result. But I want a result where every single array item matches my query, not just one.

Answer Source

You can do this by using $not and the inversion of your comparison condition:

db.test.find({dates: {$not: {$lt: new Date()}}})

So this matches docs where it's not the case that there's a dates element with a value less than the current time; in other words, all dates values are >= the current time.

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