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assign hex values to variables according to its data types in visual basic .net

I'm aware that my question is similar with this question: Hex-Value in Visual Basic

but what I want to ask is a little more detail. My question is:

how do I assign a hex value to a variable according to it's data type in VB?

for example these are ways to assign hexes that i know:

Dim arr_ui as UInteger() = {&HABCDEF01UI, &HABCDEF01UI} '32 bit unsigned integer
Dim arr as Integer() = {&HABCDEF01, &HABCDEF01} '32 bit signed integer
Dim arr_64 as Int64() = {&HABCDEF01&, &HABCDEF01&} '64 bit signed integer

so that brings back to my question, how to assign these hexes:

- unsigned 64 bit integer

- signed and unsigned 16 bit integer

- signed and unsigned 8 bit integer

thanks in advance

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since jmcilhinney does not want to claim his credit, the answer is here folks

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