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How to tell users how much memory your iOS application needs

I'm developing an iOS application which (like any other) requires a certain amount of free memory to run correctly. In my case - at least 4MB, I cannot use any less than that. It's a fairly small amount, but a few times (on my device at least) I got only 2MB free and the program crashed. What do you think is the best way to tell users how much memory you need. I know the code to get the currently available memory, but even if I tell the user (like in a UIAlertView when the user starts the program) that he is running low, what can I suggest him to do to free more memory (except turning off and on the device). Any ideas?

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On which kinds of iPhone devices your app is being tested? I suppose that the iOS has to do its job well to free enough memory for you or kill alll background app so it can have more memory