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Print a PDF in C# with non standard size on a label printer

I create a PDF in a C# web application containing a label that has to be printed on a Dymo LabelWriter 450.

To create and print the label I am using Spire.PDF.

If I save the PDF in a folder and then print it using Acrobat Reader, it is printed correctly (and so I can confirm the page size set in my application is correct).

When I print directly from the application, the PDF is stretched abnormally, with reduced width and enlarged height, going beyond the boundaries of the label.

My code looks as follows:

PdfDocument doc = new PdfDocument();

SizeF pageSize = doc.Pages[0].Size;

PageSettings ps = new PageSettings();
ps.PaperSize = new PaperSize("MyPaperSize", (int)pageSize.Width, (int)pageSize.Height);

doc.PrintDocument.DefaultPageSettings = ps;

doc.PrinterName = printerName;

doc.PrintDocument.PrinterSettings.DefaultPageSettings.Margins.Left = 0;
doc.PrintDocument.PrinterSettings.DefaultPageSettings.Margins.Right = 0;
doc.PrintDocument.PrinterSettings.DefaultPageSettings.Margins.Top = 0;
doc.PrintDocument.PrinterSettings.DefaultPageSettings.Margins.Bottom = 0;

PrintDocument printDoc = doc.PrintDocument;

Answer Source

I finally ended up using PdfiumViewer to open my document and create a PrintDocument to send to the printer.

The following code now prints correctly on my Dymo printer

PrinterSettings printerSettings = new PrinterSettings();
printerSettings.PrinterName = printerName;
printerSettings.DefaultPageSettings.PaperSize = paperSize;
printerSettings.DefaultPageSettings.Landscape = true;
printerSettings.DefaultPageSettings.Margins = new Margins(0, 0, 0, 0);

PdfiumViewer.PdfDocument pdfiumDoc = PdfiumViewer.PdfDocument.Load(fileName);
PrintDocument pd = pdfiumDoc.CreatePrintDocument(PdfiumViewer.PdfPrintMode.CutMargin);             
pd.PrinterSettings = printerSettings;

I suppose the problem with the document being loaded by Spire.Pdf is that the DefaultPageSettings.PrintableArea (read only) has the wrong size and so the document eventually is compressed in that area.