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What are the available datatypes for 'dtype' with numpy's loadtxt an genfromtxt?

What are the available numpy.loadtxt or numpy.genfromtxt for importing table data with varying datatypes, and what are the available abbreviations for the use(e.g. i32 for integer)?

This post demonstrates the use of conditions, which I was curious if somebody might elaborate on.


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In addition to np.sctypeDict, there are these variables:

In [141]: np.typecodes
{'All': '?bhilqpBHILQPefdgFDGSUVOMm',
 'AllFloat': 'efdgFDG',
 'AllInteger': 'bBhHiIlLqQpP',
 'Character': 'c',
 'Complex': 'FDG',
 'Datetime': 'Mm',
 'Float': 'efdg',
 'Integer': 'bhilqp',
 'UnsignedInteger': 'BHILQP'}

In [143]: np.sctypes
{'complex': [numpy.complex64, numpy.complex128, numpy.complex192],
 'float': [numpy.float16, numpy.float32, numpy.float64, numpy.float96],
 'int': [numpy.int8, numpy.int16, numpy.int32, numpy.int32, numpy.int64],
 'others': [bool, object, str, unicode, numpy.void],
 'uint': [numpy.uint8, numpy.uint16, numpy.uint32, numpy.uint32, numpy.uint64]}