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switch tabs using Selenium WebDriver with Java

Using Selenium WebDriver with JAVA ,
I am trying to automate a functionality where I have to open a new tab do some operations there and come back to previous tab (Parent).
I used switch handle but its not working.
And one strange thing the two tabs are having same window handle due to which i am not able to switch between tabs.

However when I am trying with different Firefox windows it works, but for tab its not working.

Please help me how can i switch tabs.
OR how can I switch tabs without using window handle as window handle is same of both tabs in my case.

(I have observed that when you open different tabs in same window , window handle remains same.)

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    ArrayList<String> tabs2 = new ArrayList<String> (driver.getWindowHandles());

This code perfectly worked for me. Try it out. You always need to switch your driver to new tab, before you want to do something on new tab.