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FFMPEG: closing RTSP stream cleanly -- av_read_frame crash on avformat_close_input

I'm using KxMovie:

It appears to stop a stream and close the view controller one should use [pause];
However, I'm trying to receive a stream from a version of gstreamer that has a memory leak if a stream isn't closed properly (it's just left hanging).

So, just [pause]ing isn't an option for me.

I'm trying to use [closeFile] in the KxMovie decoder:

-(void) closeFile

[self closeAudioStream];
[self closeVideoStream];
[self closeSubtitleStream];

_videoStreams = nil;
_audioStreams = nil;
_subtitleStreams = nil;

if (_formatCtx) {
_formatCtx->interrupt_callback.opaque = NULL;
_formatCtx->interrupt_callback.callback = NULL;
_formatCtx = NULL;

However, I usually get a EXC_BAD_ACCESS from av_read_frame after [closeFile] issues avformat_close_input.

Can anyone give me some advice on how to cleanly shutdown an RTSP stream using ffmpeg?


Answer Source

Needed to use the interrupt callbacks to interrupt av_read_frame


Wait for the callback to be called and return non zero. After the callback has returned an interrupt value av_close_input can safely be called (after closing any codecs used).

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