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jQuery Question

d3 chart and google font not visible on github page

I uploaded a page onto Github and the HTML, CSS and Jquery and Jquery UI run very well. However, the d3 chart does not run. (PS: the chart is hidden, and becomes visible once the card on the middle is clicked. The data on the d3 chart was entered manually, it was not linked to an external data file.)

You can see in on the original page when you click on the middle (black) card.

On the github page, if you click on the middle card, the collapsed css container appears, but no chart:(.
On the Github page, in addition to the d3 issue, I see that the Google font I used (Lato) did not upload either.

I am new to Github there may be something obvious I am missing. I uploaded the whole thing as an html file (as opposed to separate folders for the css and the js scripts.

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you've got a https issue (trying to load http assets on a https site).

Instead of defining the protocol as http:// or https:// that you reference your assets from, try using the protocol agnostic //

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