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C++ Question

Can anyone give me example code of _dupenv_s?

I'm using

, but I'm getting a warning telling me to use

I can't find an example of _dupenv_s on the net.

The docs read:

errno_t _dupenv_s(
char **buffer,
size_t *numberOfElements,
const char *varname

But what buffer are they referring to? I only have varname. Wouldn't it be better to avoid using a buffer?

Answer Source

_dupenv_s is a Microsoft function, designed as a more secure form of getenv.

_dupenv_s allocates the buffer itself; you have to pass it a pointer to a pointer and it sets this to the address of the newly allocated buffer.

For example,

char* buf = nullptr;
size_t sz = 0;
if (_dupenv_s(&buf, &sz, "EnvVarName") == 0 && buf != nullptr)
    printf("EnvVarName = %s\n", buf);

Note that you're responsible for freeing the returned buffer.

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